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Johnny Lewis and “Sons of Anarchy” — Part One: How it Began

“It’s about a Hell’s Angels-style Motorcycle gang in Northern California.” Johnny wrote this description to his acting coach about a new TV series brewing in the summer of 2008, one that would vault him to much greater public attention and … Continue reading

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Johnny Lewis and Brain Trauma

Traumatic Brain Injury and its related afflictions which come about from severe blows to the head have recently come into the public’s awareness, thanks to the recent film, “Concussion,” which tells the story of Dr. Omalu’s courageous efforts to make the NFL … Continue reading

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Johnny rehearses

I realized that if I allowed it to happen, this website would become a gravesite, with lots of Might-have-beens, sadness and regrets  — items that Johnny would never stand for.  He was all about joy,  creativity, exuberance and love of … Continue reading

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