Johnny Lewis

Johnnys best picture

Welcome to the Johnny Lewis site.  Johnny was a promising actor, a rising star best known for his work on the popular series, “Sons of Anarchy.”  I am Michael Lewis, Johnny’s Dad.  I’ll be posting blogs that will fill in the blanks of Johnny’s tragically shortened life.  There was tragedy at the end, but there was an abundance of joy and laughter before that.   So as this site develops I hope to show all sides of Johnny’s life.


Time is a prism.  It takes the white light of a life and breaks it into tiny colored pieces.  Time entices us to sift through those pieces and find clarity and comfort, but then betrays us with dissection and dismay.  The memories become wrongly sorted, the important ones trumped by the dramatic ones. Memories that show truth and character out-shouted by those that refute.

This blog is an attempt to unclutter and give light to the brightly colored pieces of Johnny Lewis’ life, which most know only from his final few and famous years on Sons of Anarchy, and from his very public and dismaying end.  For us, his family and close friends, the spectrum is full.   But for Johnny himself  factors conspired against him that weren’t covered by the media.   Brain trauma.  Misdiagnosis.  Misunderstanding.   I will cover these in this blog as well.


“When we are confronted with a tragedy it is difficult to remember that there is often more to the story than those on the outside know. It is easy to rage, blame, scream out.  Somehow we must remember to have compassion, to attempt understanding and realize that there is another side. . . A human life is never black and white.”
                                                  — Johnny’s friend,  Doug Usher